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So I recently subscribed to a bunch of beauty sample clubs. The idea is you pay a flat price each month and they send you a box of samples of products they think you’d like. If you like them, you can but a full size. The first I wanted to review is;


Above are some pictures, I didn’t take as many. Here is a list of items, my thoughts, and the price of the full sample.

1. Color Club nailpolish - fullsize $8

I really like this color, and it’s one of the few things in this box I am really excited to try. 

2. Davines Love Soothing Shampoo - fullsize $24

I haven’t tried this yet, because the sample is so small I’ve been waiting for a special occasion to use it. It’s supposed to be moisturizing. Either way, I’m not sure I can decide if I wanted to buy a $24 full size bottle from that small a sample (same with the conditioner listed below).

3. Oscar de la Renta foaming body scrub - fullsize $42

Same deal with this, the sample is only big enough for one scrub. Who would spend $42 on this after trying it once? I can’t even get a smell on this from the small foil packet.

4. Youthblood Mineral Cosmetics Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder - fullsize $36

So this actually has a large enough sample to test run it. However, I don’t like it. It smells funny, it makes my skin tingle, and as far as I’ve experienced, it doesn’t work. So I have no love for this product.

5. Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner - fullsize $27.50

Same deal as with the shampoo, only difference is the sample is smaller. It’s in one of those tiny foil sample packets. 

6. Davines oil Absolute Beautifying Potion - fullsize $40

Haven’t tried this yet, although I am looking forward to trying this out. But it’s only a small packet again, I probably won’t get to use it more than once, and it’s not a resealable container either. So again, not really worth-it.

So all in all, I am very DISPLEASED  with this box. And after the July box, which I will post shortly, I am planning on unsubscribing to Birchbox. I’m not very excited to try the products, and the samples aren’t really big enough for me to judge whether I want to purchase full size. All in all, I am disappointed, and I don’t think it was even worth the cheaper price of $10.